Handmade Gift Idea: Beaded Bangles

Bangle bracelets are fun, and it’s easy to customize plain bangles with beads for a personalized gift. {And you could make matching earrings with the same beads for an even more special gift.}

Start with a stack of plain bangles – I make my own from silver wire, but you can also buy bangles in many styles, metals, and price ranges.

silver bangle bracelets

Next, you’ll need some head pins, beads, pliers, and wire cutters. I like to make ball-end head pins, but you could also use purchased head pins.

beaded bangle

Slide a bead onto each head pin, and make a wrapped loop to attach the dangle to your bangle. Make sure before you close the loop that you slip it around the bracelet, then do the wrapping to securely close the loop. {If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is my wrapped loop tutorial.}

nugget bead bangle bracelets

If you have very thin bangles, you can get a different effect by making your loop around two or more bracelets. By varying the size and shape of the beads you use, or adding multiple dangles to a bracelet, you can get a lot of different looks using this one basic technique.

beaded bangle bracelets

Another way to get different looks is to include bangles of different thicknesses, different metals, or even coloring the bangles themselves {see my posts about coloring metal for ideas on how to add color to your bracelets.}

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