Make your own spray ink

spray ink bottles

Spray inks are one of the hottest products in scrapbooking/paper crafting these days – but at around $5 per bottle, they add up quickly. Sure, you can wait for a good sale, or splurge once in a while {I’ve done both – love spray ink!} but did you know you can also make your own spray inks?

All you need is ink that comes in a bottle {re-inkers for stamp pads work well}, water, and a spray bottle to mix it in. {I use the empty bottles from spray inks I’ve used up, but you can also buy spray bottles, such as Ranger’s Mini Misters, if you don’t have any empty ones available. They aren’t cheap, but you can use them over and over again. Another source for good mister bottles is cosmetic spray bottles – I used to buy a toner that sprayed on, and the bottle it came in is the best!}

more spray ink

How to make spray ink:

Drip a little ink into your spray bottle, add water, and you have a new spray ink. You can make them more sheer by using less ink/more water or for intense colors, use more ink.

If you want some shimmer in your spray ink, add perfect pearls. You’ll have to remember to shake the bottle each time you use it to distribute the perfect pearls, but it creates a beautiful, subtle shimmer on paper projects.

One of my favorite combinations is green ink and gold perfect pearls – it makes the most beautiful combination, and is the ink that I make over and over again.

I have made probably 30 tiny little mini misters of various shades of spray ink, with or without shimmer. It’s not an exact science, but if you start with just a few drops of ink, you can always add a bit more if the color is too light. I actually sometimes refill a color by adding a couple more drops of ink in a similar shade and just filling the bottle up again. It really is that easy.

saturated spray ink colors

Another way to stretch your spray ink budget is to buy spray inks in very intense colors and dillute some of the ink in a different spray bottle with water. Then you have a saturated version and a sheer version of the same color.

I’ve found inks to use in making spray ink at my local scrapbooking store, craft stores like Joann or Michaels, as well as thrift stores {vintage ink in pretty bottles – so cool!} but you can get it online at Simon Says Stamp or other scrapbook/stamping supply stores if you don’t have a local source.

Also, be creative – if you have walnut ink, india ink, or just about any other kind of liquid ink, you can try making a spray ink from it. I bet it would even work with alcohol ink, although I haven’t tried that yet.

You can use your homemade spray ink to create quick backgrounds for scrapbook pages – that is one way I was able to make a bunch of scrapbooks as gifts at the last minute.

I also use spray ink a lot when I’m art journaling, again mostly to create page backgrounds.

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