Painted Bead Bracelet

nail polish bracelet

Earlier this week, I wrote about how I use nail polish to customize metal embellishments for scrapbooking and paper crafts. I decided to paint some cheap beads and make a custom colored bead bracelet – and I love the results.

beaded bracelet

Yes, it’s nail polish and will probably chip off, but I’m okay with that. I used really cheap beads, and strung them on cheap memory wire – this jewelry is just for fun, and I can always repaint the beads.

bead bracelet nail polish

I didn’t paint very carefully – I let a little of the fake gold show through in spots, to give the beads a more distressed look. I like it. If you are going for perfectly painted beads, you could do that too, but it would probably take a long time.

bracelet close-up

I decided to use one bead that I didn’t paint, just for fun, so there is one gold bead among all my spring nail polish colors.

gold bead close-up

I used one transparent color {a lavender} and the rest opaque – again, I like how it adds to the kind of shabby feel of the bracelet – but you could do all the same finish if you wanted to.

bracelet on wrist

I strung the beads on memory wire, which I like because you don’t need a clasp. I used heavy duty round nose pliers to make loops on each end of my wire, but for a cleaner look, there are memory wire end beads that glue on the ends of the wire to give it a finished look without the risk of pokey wire ends.

painted bead memory wire bracelet

Did you know that if you heat memory wire with a torch, it loses its “memory”? So if you don’t have heavy duty pliers, and you know how to safely operate a torch, you could hold the wire with tweezers {the kind with heat resistant handles!} and heat about 1/2-3/4 inch at each end, and then once it cools off, it’s a lot easier to make a loop. *Please make sure you understand torch safety if you decide to use one. You don’t want to burn off your hair, or worse…*

If you don’t know how to make loops, my post on making a simple loop should help. Skip the last step where you bend it back, and try to get the end of the loop to overlap a little, so that you have a truly closed circle. Memory wire is tougher to bend than silver wire, but it can be done with heavy-duty pliers.

Also, please, please don’t use your good wire cutters on memory wire! They make special cutters for memory wire, or you can take a pair of strong flat nose pliers and make a sharp bend in the wire, then bend it back, and it should break. Sand/file off the sharp point on the wire a little, if needed.

Maybe a post on using memory wire would be useful? Anyway…hope my nail polish beads inspired you to look differently at your nail polish. ;)

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