Round-up #2

I will definitely be making a succulent frame with my sempervivums – a perfect use for the dozens of baby sempervivums that are taking over my containers! Wouldn’t it be pretty displayed on an easel like a work of art? I actually think gardening and art/craft/creativity have a lot in common, so I love projects like these that combine them in a literal way. If my succulent frame turns out well, I might try a wreath at some point too.

Random health/fitness tip: go drink a glass of water and walk around for a couple minutes. Now would be a good time ;) Okay, but here’s why: dehydration can lead to crankiness, headaches, feeling tired, and other unpleasant side effects, and most people get slightly dehydrated on a pretty regular basis. The walking thing? If you are at a desk all day, taking breaks to literally stretch your legs is good for you, plus those little minutes of exercise add up – five two-minute walking breaks per day = 10 minutes of daily exercise x 5 days a week is almost an hour of physical activity per week, without even hitting the gym. How is this relevant to my blog, which is mostly about DIY? Because I believe that inactivity is bad for creativity and bad for energy. I always feel better after even a minute or two of exercise, and I fit exercise in throughout the day in little bursts to help me have a good attitude and energy for all the things I have to/want to get done. Not sure how often I’ll post health advice here, but it is definitely related to my own creativity and just feeling good, so don’t be surprised if the occasional fitness tip sneaks in between pictures of my projects and inspiration links.

Podcasts. I love podcasts, because I can listen to them while doing other things. Audio posts about crafts are the best, because they get me excited about making stuff. Two craft podcasts I listen to are The Digi Show and The Paperclipping Roundtable {both scrapbooking shows}. I’m not even a big scrapbooker, at least not in the traditional sense, but I love photos and I love journaling, which are very common topics on both shows. I love the panel format of these shows, which really feels like listening to some good friends talk about making stuff and having fun. I always want to edit photos after I listen to the Digi Show, and I always want to get out some paint and spray ink after the Roundtable. This is a good thing. Learning about new products I need to have probably isn’t such a good thing for my budget, so if you are trying not to shop, be warned that you’ll probably be tempted by the picks of the week at the end of each show.

Do you want to try art journaling? Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has a great article with some resources to get started. I’ve been doing some art journaling lately – great way to be creative while sitting at the table with my kids when they are coloring – and at first it can really be intimidating to get started. Maybe not for people who have an art background, but I’m generally more crafty {jewelry making, crochet, paper crafts, etc} and much less confident at visual art. Now that I’ve started doing some art journaling, it’s really fun, and I highly recommend it!

More gardening: enjoyed these posts about Cactus Jungle and Annie’s Annuals, two of my favorite east bay gardening shops.

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